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The responsibility of an Entrepreneur or a Business Owner is to follow up on their prospect until they are certain of a business transaction.

Follow-up is an action that serves as a means of gathering information and increasing the effectiveness of a previous action so as to make it more successful. There’s a common saying that ‘the fortune is in the follow-up’, this is because people will need to hear you an average of seven to eight times before they make a decision to do business with you.

Most times, sales don’t come from the first, second or third contact with the prospect, it comes after the fourth or sixth contact. In fact, no one buys something from you on the spot. What you then need is conversations, negotiations, and follow-up before the deal is done.

You should know by now that time and circumstances dictate almost everything and as such you need to continually establish and maintain relationships. Life is an opportunity in itself, therefore, endeavor to stay at the peak of the mind of your prospects, that way you can utilize the opportunity that suits you.

Remember, your job is to educate your prospects about your opportunity and help them come to a decision. Follow-up is exposure that helps prospects make their decision, the more the exposure, the more you help them reach that decision.

Follow-up is not just something you do once, it is an action that serves to increase the effectiveness of the previous one.

Also, note that you require patience as everyone is different and they come to decisions at different rates. You shouldn’t get discouraged if it takes a prospect longer time to understand the opportunity you offer. All you need is to ensure proper and consistent follow-up to earn a space in the mind of your prospect.

In summary, be your prospect’s friend and they will respect and listen more to the opportunity you offer. That’s the first brick to break.

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